The Amsterdam Gesture Center has a reading group for discussion of different topics related to the study of gesture. We love company, so if you’d like to join us please write amsterdamgesturecenter @, and we’ll make the readings available to you, too.

In Fall 2013, we have decided to focus on gesture and coding issues. Our schedule is as follows:

September 18: Coding with intonation units vs. clauses, a hands on workshop. 15:30-17:30, 14A64.

  • Degand, L., & Simon, A. C. (2009). On identifying basic discourse units in speech: theoretical and empirical issues. Discours. Revue de linguistique, psycholinguistique et informatique, (4).
  • Hannay, M., & Kroon, C. (2005). Acts and the relationship between discourse and grammar. Functions of language12(1), 87-124. (section 2 can be skipped for our discussion)
  • Barth-Weingarten, D. (2011). The fuzziness of intonation units: Some theoretical considerations and a practical solution. InLiSt–Interaction and Linguistic Structure51

October 3: A discussion on the relationship between discourse structure, event structure and gesture. 14;30-15:30, 10A35.

  • Parrill, F. (2010). Viewpoint in speech–gesture integration: Linguistic structure, discourse structure, and event structure. Language and Cognitive Processes, 25(5), 650-668.
  • Levy, E. T., & McNeill, D. (1992). Speech, gesture, and discourse. Discourse Processes 15(3), 277-301.

Also on October 3:  practice talk by Suwei Wu, “Transitivity, clause structure and the argument structure construction”. 16:00-17:00, 10A35.

October 16: A discussion on how to use elan to annotate gesture data, plus the visualization techniques you can use once you’ve exported your data. 15:30-17:30, room TBA.

November 22-23: The PhD’s at AGC will be presenting their work at a workshop hosted by the Aachen Gesture Lab.

December: A discussion on sign language and gesture.

January: A discussion on sign language and gesture, with invited guests from sign language linguistics.

Previous Reading Group Schedules:

In Spring 2013, we alternated papers on gesture with papers on spoken language and grammar. That reading list is available here as a pdf.

In Fall 2012, we read quite a few early and important gesture papers as part of our “introductory survey”. That reading list is available here as a pdf.