Last week members of the Amsterdam Gesture Center participated in the Second MApping MUltimodal Dialogue Workshop, this time held in Leuven. Kasper Kok gave a presentation titled “Meaning complexes disentangled: a layered analysis of gesture function” (we hear the paper is now in press – congrats Kasper!) and Kashmiri Stec gave a presentation titled “Reporting practices and transparent designs: a meta-synthesis of methodologies used in multimodal viewpoint research” (also in press – congrats Kashi!). And Camille Debras, former member of the AGC, gave a presentation called “Dynamic multimodal clusters in the argumentative use of common ground markers”, an extension of the PhD work she did with Alan while at the AGC. Suwei and Ronghua were there for moral support.

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Left to right: Kasper, Ronghua, Camille, Kashmiri, Suwei