Oct. 3, 15:00, room 12A-44, VU University main building, De Boelelaan 1105
  • Kasper Kok: Crowdsourced data on the (multi)functionality of co-speech gesture”
Oct. 28, 13:00, VU MediaXperience, Video Reflection Room
  • Yao Tong: Data session — discussion of video data for analysis of motor concepts, metaphor, and gesture
Nov. 6, 15:00, VU MediaXperience, Video Reflection Room
  • Suwei Wu: Session to discuss some readings
Dec. 8, 14:00-16:15, VU MediaXperience, Video Reflection Room
Three pre-conference practice talks in preparation for the Belgium-Netherlands Cognitive Linguistics Conference
  • Yao Tong & Alan Cienki: Motor concepts, metaphor and gesture: The comparison between referential gestures referring to concrete and metaphorical motor concepts
  • Kasper Kok: A non-categorical approach to the grammatical functions of gesture